Why we are asking for upfront payment?  Denver and many “groups”  in general are known for folks that verbally or in writing say they will attend and then last minute cancel or no show.

A host could have an event for 150 people and a 50 person wait list and by the time he/she gets the cancellation notices, it’s extremely difficult as the 50 on the wait list have already made other plans.  In addition, the restauarant loses money on addtional staff hired and food prepared and wine that is not a part of their everyday menu that they get stuck for the bill. In addition:

  • Most restauants require a minimum to have a room held
  • Cost to run a tasting
  • Time involved to set up, facilitate and work with the restaurants and vendors for a quality tasting including selection of wines, menu, etc.
  • Time involved with handling ticketing, check in list and name badges
  • Upfront payment helps us with planning for the event

What will events cost? Most of our events will be $25.00-$35.00 in advance and $40.00-$50.00 at the door to discourage last minute show ups.

There are lots of wine tastings in Denver.  Why should I attend an Uncorked Denver Social? Uncorked Denver events are for the individual who is looking to socialize over wine rather and make new friends in the process. Some of you have attended  festivals with “guzzling” large quantities of wine, reps at 20 tables with 200 bottles.   You may have attended a half dozen or more events and found you have spent most of your time with the wine reps because of the attendance at a particular tasting…. with cliques, mostly couples,  or attended an event and felt you were either much younger, much older, or the only “single” in the room.

There are a variety of wine groups that have a “select” list to get an invitation as functions are at someone’s house with the same attendees on the “select” list.   From experience, many of these tastings are just lower quality experiences, with attendees bringing cheap wines,  and not bringing appropriate food to pair with the wines.    You get what you pay for.

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